By: Amanda Cubello

Made in Hungary, rising up Miami. See why this sultry brunette is climbing to the top of the fitness world, one competition at a time.


Pro bikini competitor and 5 time overall winner, Anita Herbert, started her rise to becoming an International Federation of Bodybuilding & Fitness (IFBB) pro by doing what any us can; hitting the weights with her husband. As simple as that sounds, that first workout three years ago was the foundation to Anita’s empire. 



“My biggest motivation is the mirror…to me, there is nothing more exciting than discovering a new striation or a new vein popping out on my body,” Herbert shared in an interview with Simply Shredded. “I’m sure some might say that I am crazy, but this has become a lifestyle to me, and I love it!”

At age 27, Anita has proven she’s a force to be reckon with, although, the Miami party culture was once her main focus. Like most 22 year olds, burgers and alcohol consumed this petite babe’s diet when she first came to the United States. At 5’4, her genetically small frame kept her in shape while remaining blissfully unaware of the fitness lifestyle that would soon consume her.


 It wasn’t until she met her husband at age 24, that she began to swap out her “skinny-fit” physique for the body-builder frame that’s made her a fitness icon. 

This bronzed seductress proves fitness is the new sexy, while giving all of her followers on social media training tips, tricks, and major body-envy. Want to take a guess on her favorite exercise? I’ll give you a hint: there’s a reason her plump derrarier can double as the peach emoticon.


Whether it’s kettle bell sumo squats, smith machine elevated reverse lunges, deadlifts, or hopping on the leg press, this bikini-ready vixen knows a thing, or two, about booty gains.




She’s also mastered the coy, innocent look that sends tingles in all the right places


While giving the teasing pout that makes us think she’s got a naughty side.

Her insta feed is a tantalizing fantasy mixed with insightful training guides. When she’s not in beast mode six days of the week, you can find Anita playing on Miami beaches, transforming into Wonder Woman’s doppleganger, or dressing up into your midnight dominatrix fantasy.



See why this European powerhouse has already hit 1 million plus followers, @anita_herbert. It’ll be the best decision of the day. 

By: Amanda Cubello | @amanda_cubello