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He's worked with the likes of Jay Z and pretty soon this multimedia artist and creator is going to be working his own way onto airwaves near you.

SKYN: What inspired you to get into this industry?

AP: HipHop inspired, from my first cassette tape which was MC Hammer to my first CD which was Snoop Doggs Doggy style I just knew that I was going to be apart of the industry in some way. 

SKYN: Ha that's dope. Solid tracks to start off a strong interest with and definitely a great foundation to your longstanding music career. How long have you been working in the music industry?

AP: I started my music career interning and assisting Young Guru at Baseline studios in 2001. 

SKYN: So it has been a while then. After over a decade of honing, what would you say is your favourite aspect of your job?

AP: For the best part of making music is being able to content with an artist to fully shape a record from start to finish. I try to work only with people that I look up to and inspire me, that way I can be pushed to be to be the best I can be. 

SKYN: Sounds like a great plan. The cool thing is that you've managed to work with so many of those inspiring people, do you have a favourite artist that you've worked with?

AP: Jay Z

// Michael Lockey //


SKYN: Dope man. Great one. Aside from the people you've worked with, did you have any mentors who really helped mold and guide you?

AP: I look up to Young Guru, he was the one that got me up in Baseline and he's also probably one of the most well respected and intelligent audio engineers in the game. I also have a good friend that that goes by the name Bl'eve that showed me the tricks to perfect my engineering and music production skills, he's also a mad scientist.

SKYN: Ha, that's wild! Ok, aside from having mentors who are mad scientists,  tell us something random about yourself.

AP: I'm adopted from Colombia and love pizza

Lindsey Kevitch // Shaun Ross

SKYN: Both great things. So you've crossed continents, indulged in New York Za, and founded an incredible music career, out of it all, what are you most proud of?

AP: Since I don't have a child yet I'm proud of my personal growth as a human. Walking the globe for 35 years now I have out grown a lot of friends and circles. Everyday I just try to create and inspire others that are looking for quality product. 

SKYN: Solid mara. Do you have any tips for anyone aspiring to get into the industry?

AP: I have a tip for anyone that wants to live the life they want. the tip is to write down what you want. once you write something down you bring non matter into matter. from there you gain knowledge and put in endless hours of work to perfect your craft and if you truly believe in yourself your wildest dreams will come true but the mural of the story is work, work, work and don't stop no matter what and everything should work out!

SKYN: Brilliant, absolutely brilliant! You mentioned you've done a lot of personal growth over the past little while, what are some of your best growth moments or memories of the past year?

AP: Best memories in the past year have been with my lady. just as long as I don't screw it up I think found a keeper! 

SKYN: Ha, glad to hear it. What about for the upcoming year, now that you've got the little lady what are some of your goals for 2016?

AP: My goals for 2016 are to get 3 published photo shoots in major magazines and get 3 tracks off to industry artists. 

SKYN: Sounds like a solid plan. One that with your talent we're sure you'll be able to accomplish. Once you hit all that what do you want to be remembered as?

AP: Even the best artist slowly fade away over time but for those who personally know me I would like to be remembered for my lifestyle of being a free thinker and never prescribing to any belief system. And being able to provide for myself rather than working for a business or company that don't give a shit about you and just want you to work until that fire in your heart slowly dies out.  

// Legendary Damon //




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