A L Y S S A  B A R B A R A

Meet the full bodied blond who's breaking the internet.

photo credit: Kingston photo

SKYN stole a moment of this stunners time to find out exactly "Who is Alyssa Barbara?"

AB: Why is it that the first thing that comes to mind is that Sheryl Crow song that goes "I'm a bitch I'm a  mother..."??   Hahaha!  But really I guess I would have to introduce myself by saying I am a mother, a sister, a sensitive little artist.  But most people might know me as Alyssa Barbara, a model from Vancouver, Canada.  

SKYN: Ha, well it's very nice to meet you! Tell us, what inspired a mother, a sister, and a sensitive little artist to enter into the modeling world?

AB: My inspiration to do whatever it is that I do came from many different vessels.  I would have to say that it originally came from my father introducing me to many artists at a young age.  From Frank Zappa, David LaChapelle, William S. Burroughs, Salvador Dali...what these people have in common you might ask?  They were all individuals that took a chance and decided to not pursue the 9 to 5 life, dared to not only do what they love but undeniably ooze creativity.  I have always been a very visual person.  When I listen to music, like many I'm sure, I picture a movie in my head.  I have always been intrigued with the visual arts, especially the power that females exude in doing so.  I was actually scared to call myself a model only up until a couple years ago.  I just considered myself as some little turd playing with my friends and creating a story through pictures.  

SKYN: That's hilarious, phenomenal, and actually really inspiring. We're definitely glad you decided to pursue it - because let us tell you, when it comes to modeling, you've definitely nailed it. How long have you been doing it?
AB: I started modelling at 14.

photo credit: @jmartinez21

SKYN: OK Alyssa, tell us, who is your favorite model? 
AB: That's a hard one, I have many, but Gemma Ward has been one of my favourites for many years.  Perhaps Emily Ratajkowski?
SKYN: Fair enough, both are absolutely stunning and super talented. How about mentors, do you have any who helped you? 

AB: Indirectly yes, all the supermodels of the 90s.  I would get really inspired just watching Fashion File in the 90s, looking through magazines.  I learned from looking at what other people were doing.  But as far as someone in real life, no.  
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photo credit: @jasegraphics

photo credit: @justinswainphotography

SKYN: Any words of wisdom for any other aspiring new models out there?

AB: Don't let others coerce you into shaping yourself into an image that you are not comfortable with.  Don't get me wrong, when modelling you have to become quite the chameleon but to be known for something that you may not have truly been comfortable with at the time but did it to appease a photographer, a magazine etc. can be hard. Be mindful in what you are doing, and pursue it more so if you love it as an art, not as a profession or title. 

photo credit: @justinswainphotography
MUA | Hair: Hellen Torres

photo credit: @justinswainphotography

SKYN: Tell us something random about yourself. 
AB: I am a huge hypochondriac,  I think I am dying of ten new things a day.  And it's not because I am a negative person, I just have a fear that life as I know it can be taken away so easily.  I know, morbid perhaps, but I love life!   

photo credit: @jasegraphics

SKYN: What are you most proud of? 
AB: My daughter, who is currently 6- 7 this February.  
SKYN: Aw, that's adorable. Well wish her a very happy birthday for us! Definitely something to celebrate in the upcoming year. How about the rest of 2016, any upcoming goals? 
AB: I will be launching a website hopefully in the next 6 months, so that is one of the more present goals.  Long term I see a lingerie line.  My main goal is to travel more and to find a way to spend more of my time with my family.  
SKYN: Sounds like you've got a busy and fulfilling year ahead. 

SKYN: And as for the long run, when it's all said and done, what do you want to be remembered as? 

AB: I've said it before and the words still hold true for me; I want to be remembered as someone with a lot of love in their heart.  Someone that made others feel good about themselves.  Someone who wasn't afraid to be herself, flaws and all.  

photo credit: @justinswainphotography
MUA | Hair: Hellen Torres


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