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SKYN: Alex, could you tell us a bit about yourself? Who are you?

AFLS: I'm an optimistic and humble person. I love to exercise and to motivate others. I love what I do as an actor of course, and I'm always seeking to improve, always. I'm family oriented, with two exotic short hair cats, they're 11yrs old. 

SKYN: Ha, aw, that's adorable. Well you sound like an absolutely phenomenal person. And on top of all that, you also happen to be an extremely successful actor, singer, philanthropist, and former Olympic athlete - How on Earth did you manage so many things?  

AFLS: Actually, when I entered the entertainment business in 2001, I was also accepted by the University of Hong Kong. I majored in Accounting & Finances and got a Bachelor's of Business Administration. Even when I started to sing and act, I still participated in the Hong Kong's swimming team until 2004, and managed to compete twice in the World University Games, once at the East Asian Games, and once at the Asian Games.  If the University of Hong Kong hadn't accepted me at that time my life would have be totally different. I probably would have continued my education in the US, most likely two years of social college and then UC Berkeley. It was actually all planned out, I had contacted the school and the coaches and everything. I had spent a year in the US before the Olympics in 2000 doing postgraduate studies at Germantown Academy in Philly. So I had already trained and studied there. 

But the University of Hong Kong accepted me, and it was around then that I decided to enter into the entertainment world. My parents wouldn't let me discontinue my education, but being at the University of Hong Kong let me do both. 

SKYN: Wow - that's incredible. Did you ever imagine that you'd one day be where you are now? 

AFLS: I never dreamed of being an actor or singer, but when I needed to make a choice back in late 2000 right after the Olympics, I was thinking about my future. Sports can't last forever, especially in Hong Kong. Most of us there were student athletes, not professional athletes, that's why we needed to decide whether to continue or not. I chose not to. I chose entertainment. I chose it because it could be a life long career for me, and I found it to be challenging. I liked that. But I wasn't really sure, so that was why I chose to finish my university degree as well, to keep myself in a safe position.  

SKYN: That sounds like it might have been the smartest thing ever. Well whatever road brought you here, we're sure glad that it did, becuase you have really done some incredible things with your life as a result of it all. You've accomplished quite a bit and the world already knows quite a bit about you, we'd love to know, what is something surprising about you that not many people know? 

AFLS: Because of my background as a swimmer, people often think I must be very ambitious, like a fighter, but actually I'm not! I guess I could say I was when I was an athlete, but not now, not in the entertainment business. Of course I do seek to improve. Who knows... maybe I need to change. I have to admit, I do always stay in my comfort zone. And I'll probably need to change this in order to achieve more. I'll try. 

SKYN: Sounds like a pretty great goal right there. Although we must admit, you really are doing so great as it is, so we hardly think you have anything to worry about. We noticed that you recently got really into fitness, what inspired you to take healthy living to the next level?

AFLS: I had an underwear advertisement back in 2014 that I had to shoot, so i trained and dieted for it. I ended up losing 30 pounds in 4.5 months! In truth I did already work out quite a bit prior to that, but I never really focused on the diet as much. I did then to get the 6 pack needed, and now I know that the secret to the 6 packs is all diet. 

SKYN: So key. You learn so many neat things in your line of work and experience so much, what's one of your most memorable moments of the past year?

AFLS: In 2014, I was awarded by JCI, as one of the Ten Outstanding Young Persons Selection, it concluded my previous achievements in sports, entertainment, and charity work for the past years.

SKYN: That is quite the memorable moment. It must have been such an honour! You've been one of the main faces of Hong Kong entertainment for a while now and accomplished so much other success, what drives you on a day to day basis? 

AFLS: It's my career, this is my job, it's how I make my living, haha. But really, I love what I do. I'm grateful to have this opportunity to do what I love, and I'm motivated to improve. 

SKYN: So happy to hear it. We hear you've got a new movie out that is doing incredibly well, could you tell us a bit about it? 

AFLS: It's called "The Anniversary", it's about the relationship of a husband and wife who are celebrating their 10th year anniversary. It's interesting because it's a sequel of a movie I did 10 years ago with actress Stephy Tang called "Marriage with a Fool".  That movie was about a newly married couple who were having affairs, and this is the continuation of that. It was actually because of that first movie that Stephy and I began dating, and from then until now, it's officially been 10 years of the relationship. 

SKYN: Ok, so that might just be the cutest thing ever. Congratulations to the both of you, 10 years and two movies are quite the accomplishments! Good for you. Over the years you've had a huge commitment to various charities, why is giving back so important to you? 

AFLS: Because I'm grateful for what I have. I want to share with others, and I want to help others. I feel the importance when charity organizations ask me for work for them, I think I have a responsibility to do the right thing, to inspire people, and by doing this it also helps me see another side of society and the world. It's helping me to become more grateful and helping me to become a better person. You know how it is in the entertainment world, all about fame and money, this gives me a balance also.  

SKYN: So inspiring. Ok so out of all the things that you've done, what would you say you are the most proud of? 

AFLS: Well there's a lot I'm proud of. Being a 2000 Olympian, a 2004 & 2008 Olympic Torchbearer, being part of the 2014 Ten Outstanding Young Persons Selection... If I had to choose 1 thing though, I think Olympian. I trained over 10 years for it. It's a dream just to compete in the games as an athlete. 

SKYN: That it absolutely is. What kind of advice would you give to anybody who is just starting out in this industry? 

AFLS: I'd welcome anyone to join! It's a huge industry and in need of all kinds of people. The best advice would be to just be humble and have great work ethics (attitude), and continue to do what you love. The success will come.

SKYN: Wise words indeed Alex. 

SKYN: What would you like your future legacy to be? 

AFLS: Continue to do what I love to do, acting. Maybe in the future I'll also try to direct or produce a movie, and step into something more than just acting, but who knows... 

To read up more on what Alex is up to check him out here:

@alexfongliksunwww.alexfong.com.hk | Alex Fong



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