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10 times we can’t help but wonder if there is such a thing as TMI? 

This is how you know you’re too comfortable in your relationship. THIS IS HOW YOU KNOW. 


1.     “My boyfriend asked me if he had an infected ingrown hair on his dick.”

Ah, doesn’t that just put you right in the mood for some quality oral sex? Who doesn’t want to suck that D after hearing about a possible infection?


2.     “This guy I’m seeing asked me if it was normal that his pee was brown.”

Not a doctor but gonna have to go with no on that one. How does one even respond to that question?


3.     “I asked my husband to pop a pimple I couldn’t reach on my ass.”

Wow, nothing proves he’ll love you for better or worst than that image.

4.     “My girlfriend asks me to pluck her gray hairs.”

O.K. so not the sexiest favor you could provide for her but an appreciated one, nonetheless.


5.     “My boyfriend is always asking me if there’s too much hair in his ass.”

I feel like if you have to ask then the answer is yes. How does one even draw a line regarding that, anyways? Like, what, it’s acceptable for as long as the bush isn’t popping out the crack? Or is there a certain hair follicle count he shouldn’t be exceeding?


6.     “My girlfriend waxes my feet for me.”

Does she enjoy this experience or are you too lazy to bend over?


7.     “The guy I was seeing asked me to dig into his belly button for lint hair.”

Um. Yeah, okay gross. So I’m guessing that was the deal breaker and thus the reason you used past tense. Though if that wasn’t the deal breaker then I really can’t even imagine what was.


8.     “My girlfriend always makes me get her earwax out.”

Ah, romance.  


9.    “My last boyfriend called me into the bathroom and ask me if his poop looked normal.”

ARE YOU THE POOP DOCTOR?! How are you supposed to know?? NOT TO MENTION THE SMELL. I’m so sorry you had to endure that traumatic experience and I hope you have since recovered.


10. “My girlfriend shows me her tampons when they’re super bloody because she thinks it’s funny.”

OHMYGOD. THE HORROR. You will never un-see that.


Laura C. Anderson | @s0mebl0nde



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