If today were my last day, I’d want you to know that you are not alone.

You’re not just 1 in 7 billion people populating this earth.
You have a reason.
You have a drive.
You have a purpose.

In a world surrounded by so many, I’d want you to know that your magnificent soul shines brightest through your character. I’d want you to know that you are perfect, just the way you are. Not because you don’t have flaws, but because you embrace them. You leave marks, not scars. The presence that you share is felt just as strong as the presents that you give.

And so, without further ado Kiro gives you his top five pieces of advice to help you keep moving forward. Catch them all here

A little bit of John Mayer, a little bit of John Legend, and a whole lot of Alt R&B soul. Meet the cheerful, laid back, and incredibly talented Ezra Jordan. 

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Here is the situation - You swiped right and matched with someone gorgeous. After a brief intro, you both decide to meet up for coffee. The day finally arrives and the date is going great. You soon realize, all this sharing of information is leaving you starving. What do you do now? Well, lucky for you, the What We Dig squad has you covered. Flavors unite like lovers in the heat of passion, straight from Calabria, this week we showcase Fusaro's.   

This is what we dig. The show that let’s you know what’s good in Toronto.  Catch the whole episodes here.


What We Dig Created by:  
Laird Hercules, Debbie Dear, Danielle Rose, & Rafi Shahriar

JORDAN HARVEY: My Photography Journey

Every journey starts somewhere, and we love learning about how some of the best got to where they are now. Tune in here to hear Jordan Harvey's story. 

20+ hilarious comics all about our daily organ struggles. Catch the chuckles here


Meet Laura Hesp, the 26 year old Torontonian who managed to turn a tragic life event into a beautiful movement for the homeless. 


After losing her father to “homelessness and personal choices” just one year ago, Laura was moved to action, founding Inclusive Love Inc., an organization aimed at promoting the inclusion, love, and acceptance towards those experiencing housing or food insecurity in Toronto. One year after her father's untimely death, Laura honoured his memory by giving out free hugs throughout the streets of downtown Toronto with her heartwarming team of supportive volunteers by her side. Catch the highlights here. 

Opportunities never cease to come. If today is not your day, it could be tomorrow. Don’t stop living your life just because it isn’t happening. Read more of this dope new piece by Nishi Jain here.  



 Brian Lewicki and Barbara take all the right curves to all the right places with this dope new set. Catch more of his work at @lewickibrian7244


Click the images above to see the complete highlights from Vadim Stein newest collection of dancers in motion.

2016 was the blossoming period for the beloved superfruit– from avocado toast to guacamole, this healthy fat hit the spot – and here’s the best news you’re going to hear all week: this hot commodity is only becoming more celebrated in 2017.  In fact, it may be one of the only foods on the menu in some places. Tune in as Amanda gives us the tasty breakdown on this new superfruit superfind here.


Check out this wicked portrait series that celebrity photographer Andrew H. Walker captured these incredibly interested portraits that capture the public and private personas of some of this generation's brightest stars.  

There might not have been a tree, but there certainly were a whole bunch of gifts. As laughter and joy rang high, dozens of volunteers from Heroes in Black joined together in downtown Toronto on Christmas Day to share the holiday cheer by donating wrapped presents and messages of hope to those in need. Read the whole story here.

Everyone was tickled pink on October 27th as they stepped onto the rose coloured carpet leading to the Fifteen Hundred Room at One King W. for the Skechers Pink Tribute 2016. Catch the highlights here

Your guide to finding the most adventurous vacation destinations around the world. Catch Amanda Cubello's top 10 list here.

POTERY CORNER: with Tokoni Uti
Chapter 5

Tokoni Uni is back at it again with her 5th poetry instalment ZONE. Catch the piece that was inspired by one of SKYN's own here.


The sky and sea are mellowed to a halt.
The figure righteous to a fault.
Using the air as an excuse to hide.
Embracing the cold inside. 
The woman carries an expression that's dead.
The rest of the picture turning red
Sunk, shallow and left alone.
All else faded with the zone. 

Read more of Tokoni's work at: | @TokoniOUti | @TokoniOUti


(as seen on

There are a lot of great places to while away the hours on Reddit. "Today I Learned" is one of our favorites. On TIL users upload random information they learn, sourcing it back to where they learned it. As a service to GlobalPost readers, we've compiled some of the most interesting posts about the world. From illegal chewing gum in Singapore to the adoption of full-grown men in Japan, you're bound to learn something, too. We promise.

TIL that an Ethiopian girl was kidnapped and beaten until a pride of lions chased her attackers off, then the lions stayed and defended her until help could arrive.

Who says dogs are more loyal than cats? In Ethiopia, a group of men chase and beat a 12-year-old girl, trying to force her into a marriage. But a group of lions scared the men off and then stayed by the girl’s side until her family found her a few days later. Experts say the girl’s crying may have sounded to the lions like the meow of a young cub. But locals say it’s a miracle as the lions are often considered a serious threat to locals. 


POTERY CORNER: with Tokoni Uti
Chapter 4

A fourth piece inspired by one of SKYN's features, Tokoni Uti shows us the power of words her newest piece THE GLOOM.

Longlost friends of the gloom
Making magic in dark rooms
Melting into our disguise
Those around us dropping like flies
We don't define who we are
Our rule books are written in the stars

Read more of Tokoni's work at: | @TokoniOUti | @TokoniOUti

(Jay Shetty) 

POETRY CORNER: with Tokoni Uti
Chapter 3

I buried my heart in the sand ­
Covered it with rocks and washed my hands ­
I gave my soul to the ocean ­
Fell into the water and danced in my dev­otion
I filled my head with the heat ­
Sunbathed feeling of a perpetual beat­
I gave my senses to the air­
Stripped to my instinct and washed them ­disappear

Read more of Tokoni's work at: | @TokoniOUti | @TokoniOUti

Check out the most innovative tree houses you can take on the go. Amanda Cubello shows us the ropes here.

POETRY CORNER: with Tokoni Uti
Chapter 2

A second piece inspired by one of SKYN's features, Tokoni Uti blesses us again with some enticing words from her newest piece HOODED.

Point made through a concealed whisper
Quiet descent of a hooded figure
Unspoken prophesy on the edge of her lips
Quiet violence on her fingertips
Metallic warpaint covers her pain
Gyrating at the top of the chain
The flash of light compliments her mark
Difficult enigma in the dark

Read more of Tokoni's work at: | @TokoniOUti | @TokoniOUti

Couple breaks up in the most unique way possible. Watch these former lovers tell their breakup story through dance here.  

POETRY CORNER: with Tokoni Uti

@Michaeldelpriore_photography x @keke92

@Michaeldelpriore_photography x @keke92

Inspired by one of SKYN's features, Tokoni Uti blesses us with some sultry words from her newest piece PROVOCATIVE.

Standing straight with longing eyes
Illuminated as she speaks and lies
Provocatively waits on the mark
Dancing figure in the dark
Mystery woman uninhibited and thirsty
Femme fatale showing no mercy  
Perfect woman out in the wild
Carriage of a warrior, mind of a child

Read more of Tokoni's work at: | @TokoniOUti | @TokoniOUti


He's passionate, he's got a heck of a lot of life experience, and he's starting a social justice revolution that's helping youth nation wide. Meet Matte Black here


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...because it's not always just "What do you want out of life?" it's often "What are you willing to struggle for?". Find out why here.


If there’s one thing this country’s got it’s a heck of a lot of business. Companies are popping up everywhere trying to stir shit up with the next big thing. But with so much shit out there, some brave souls have realized that in order to make it they’ve gotta change the game – by doing some total dope ass shit.

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You know better than anyone that we love women, but what y’all might not know is that there’s nothing we love more than a dope ass woman doing dope shit. 

It’s one thing to be hot, but when you’re hot AND doing hot shit – well then, you might just land yourself on this next list. 

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