Name: Claire Randall

Age: 26

Location: Perth, WA

Facebook: Claire Louise Model

Instagram: @Clairelouise13

Photographer: Jackson Heeley

IG: @jacksonchristopherheeley

MUA / HAIR: @clairerandallcreative

1. What inspired you to get into this industry?

I've always been creative, modelling is just another outlet for my creativity! Plus being a makeup artist as well means I've been in the industry for quite a while!

2. How long have you been modeling?

I did my first shoot when I was 16, then started semi regularly around 18/19

3. Who is your favorite model?

I love fellow Aussies Tina Louise and Jennifer Hawkins, they've got such a cool down to earth vibe

4. Tell us something random about yourself.

I'm a bit of a tomboy and love 4 wheel driving and camping! I drive a big black Hilux and love taking it on off road adventures whenever I get chance!

5. What are you most proud of?

I'm most proud of all the places I've been to and adventures I've been on - i Honestly think travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer!

6. When it's all said and done, what do you want to be remembered as?

The real me! ! I want people to remember me for who I really am! I always stay true to myself and would hate if people ever had a different idea of me than that!