Name: Lauren Barreiro

Age: 28

Location: Tallahassee, FL

Instagram: @sweetandlolo_

Twitter: @sweetandlolo_

Photographer: Eric LaRokk

Photographer IG: @ericlarokk

Photographer Website: www.ericlarokkphoto.co

1. What inspired you to get into this industry?

I am most definitely a late comer to the game. But it was finally seeing beautiful thick women valued and becoming successful models. I was so inspired by women like Nicole Mejia, Brittany Renner, and Hope Howard and all of their curves that I thought I should give it a shot. It has been a crazy year.

2. How long have you been modeling?

 A little over a year.

3. Who is your favorite model?

 I have a few inspirations like Nicole Mejia, Hope Howard, Ashley Martelle, and Samii Ryan.

4. Tell us something random about yourself.

So you know Pitch Perfect? I have competed in the International Chamionship of College A Cappella Finals and actually was once the emcee and used to sing in a professional a cappella group.

5. What are you most proud of?

Gonna have to change my answer from the last time and say my mom. That woman is a beast! She raised two kids on her own and came out with perfect credit... I can barely raise myself on my own! I hope to one day be half the woman she is.

6. When it's all said and done, what do you want to be remembered as?

Down to Earth. No matter how far I go, I think that's the most important thing.