Name: Melanie Randall

Age: 20

Location: Oregon

Facebook: Melanie Randall

Instagram: @melayyynie

Twitter: @melayyyynie1

Photographer: Claire Thorington

IG: @portraitsbyclaire

1. What inspired you to get into this industry?

 I am super into landscape photography as a hobby and when a videographer from LA saw some of my work he asked to collab on a shoot. He also suggested that I try modeling. I have always loved photos of beautiful women and would fill my tumblr blog with tons of them. There are an endless amount of concepts, looks, poses, angles, frames, makeup and hair that go into a photo. Everything is perfectly placed to create the story trying to be told, so I thought it'd be fun to create my own stuff with photographers.

2. How long have you been modeling?

Since October last year so not very long. Collaborating with all these different photographers and trying all these new concepts is so fun. Since there aren't a ton of photographers where I live it has prompted me to travel more which has been really nice considering the fact that I never really did that much beforehand. Oh and there's usually music playing during the shoots which may seem minor but it's a huge plus for me. It's the little things

3. Who is your favorite model?

Ugh that's so hard there's so many great models. But I adore Scarlette Leithold and Michele Maturo. They're both really versatile and can go from a very commercial look to something sexy easily. I looove all of their work and reference their photos a lot for practicing facial expressions and posing.

4. Tell us something random about yourself.

 I really really wish I was better at singing because I am obsessed with music and think it would be so fulfilling to do work in that part of the industry. But for now the shower and my car will have to remain my main provider for studio time

5. What are you most proud of?

I'm really proud of all the self growth I've dealt with this past year. I always had a boyfriend in high school and my last relationship left me with a lot of trust and insecurity issues and feeling very lost with who I was and what I really wanted. Thankfully since then I've been blessed with meeting people who have had great advice and really helped patch me up. It's just been so nice to focus on myself and learn about self love. If you had asked me a year ago from today if I'd ever model I wouldn't have had the confidence to say yes and try.

6. When it's all said and done, what do you want to be remembered as?

I'd like to be remembered as someone you could always count on if you ever needed anything. Someone that you could cut through the bullshit and be vulnerable with. All we have is each other and I think it's very important to help one another learn and grow from the other, just be there emotionally and intellectually.