E L L E   E D W A R D S

Greetings, this is Image Specialist - Elle Edwards.

I have been heavily active in the fashion industry for several years now and I am quiet astonished by the many individuals who find trouble when shopping for fashion. I started my personal shopping career 3 years ago and found enormous success teaching others on how to shop fashion.

Saving Money
There is a tremendous amount of money to be saved - potentially thousands - when you know exactly what you are looking for. Plus you also save a great deal of time.

Setting up what I call, "Go-To-Retails" can be of huge value taking away hours of frustration.

Time Management & Understanding Who You Are
When it comes to shopping you don't want to mis-manage your time or shopping will be something to dread... And we as humans don't like to perform things we dread. But, what's most imperative is understanding who you are so you can define your style. Realizing who you are will help you pick and choose garments that fit both your personality and your lifestyle. Wearing garments that complement you as an individual will instantly boost your confidence. However, that will only happen when you know thyself.

Fashion Background
Having a fashion design background not only helped me garner the appreciation for the craftsmanship of garments but created the awareness of both cheap quality and poorly made garments. Obtaining this knowledge will only assist you in judging which items are worth the purchase.

Another important subject to keep in mind is perception - Grasping the mental impression you make on others is a valuable asset. The way the majority of individuals view you can either open or close doors for you. You want the clothing you invest in to only enhance your perceived value as a individual.

It's really not about the article of clothing you wear, but it's truly how you wear it that makes the difference. 

Define Your Style.  (Desired Style/Lifestyle)

Do you know who you are? It's surprising the amount of individuals who don't truly know who they are. Presenting your individuality with great confidence is what sells. That's how jobs are obtained, That's how people are won, and many opportunities come up. 

It all starts with an idea. The idea of who you want to be, what you stand for and how you'd like to live. Everything else including your wardrobe should reflect that. It's that simple. 

For example, if you are an entrepreneur, figure what attire or uniform will best enhance your perceived value, which in return in the long run will bring you more opportunities. If you want to come off more creditable, then investing in classic pieces and formal garments would be the smartest decision to make. If you want to be perceived as a fun and outgoing individual, then pursue the wardrobe that best reflects that of you. Know who you are and how you want to be perceived and it will definitely make the shopping experience effortless.

Elle Edwards

                              “Enhance Your Life".




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