Name: Carly Bel

Age: 20

Location: Boston, MA

Website: Belcartel.kite.ly

Instagram: @carlyrbel

Twitter: Carlyrosexo



Photographer: Shaun

IG: @sgpsociety

Website: SGPsociety.com


1. What inspired you to get into this industry?

My friend JMP who is a really talented director! He used me for a fashion video he wanted to make and I had so much fun I continued from then on!

2. How long have you been modeling?

 2 years

3. Who is your favorite model?

 Chanel Iman

4. Tell us something random about yourself.

I love to watch Sex and the City reruns, it's my personal form of therapy

5. What are you most proud of?

My perseverance

6. When it's all said and done, what do you want to be remembered as?

Someone who enjoyed life for the little moments and who had a great hugger