Name: Maddy Ferguson

Age: 18

Location: Canada

Instagram: maddy_ferguson

Photographer: Nikki

IG: @niche.photography

1. What inspired you to get into this industry?

I've always loved taking pictures of myself and doing my hair and makeup

2. How long have you been modeling?

About a year now

3. Who is your favorite model?

Gigi Hadid

4. Were you always comfortable in your own skin and in front of the camera?

Yes, always.

5. Did you have any mentors who really helped mold and guide you?

Colin was when of the first photographers i shot with and he really taught me a lot.

6. Do you have any tips for aspiring models in the industry?

Never give up because you can do anything you put your mind too.

7. Do you have a WTF moment at a shoot?

Hahahaha one time a bird got caught in my hair.

8. What are some of the biggest revelations you've discovered through modelling?

That your flaws make you who you are.

9. Tell us something random about yourself.

I love chicken nuggets.

10. What are you most proud of?

My little brother.

11. When it's all said and done, what do you want to be remembered as?

A kind, warm, loving soul.